Catch – Short Film


This short film was a collaboration with Zoic Studios – our group of interns was given the opportunity to create a VFX project, so I wrote and directed “Catch.”  The crowd at the premiere praised it as the best intern project yet – making it the perfect finalé to my internship. In a town where people aren’t generous with their praise, that’s as good as it gets.

I learned volumes on this project, thanks to our talented team of visual effects artists and the powerful pipeline at Zoic Studios. But above all, I was constantly challenged by the responsibility of the director – a never-ending uphill battle for story, emotion, truth and quality. I’ve directed plenty of videos in the past, but this took my abilities to a new level entirely.

The YouTube version doesn’t include credits, because it’s more fun to skip the packaging and stick with the found-footage look. But to be fair to our amazing team, you can learn more below, or watch the credits here.


Starring – Joel Ackerman, David Ackerman

Jenna Melfi – Producer

Phillip Goodwin – Writer, director, camera, editing, sound design, titles

Ryan Gaitan – Visual effects supervisor, animator, tracking

Nathan Lee – Animator, CG rendering, modeling, lighting

Samuel Sellers – Animator

Christopher Gu – Concept artist, texture artist

Geraldine Doray-Novak – Compositing, paint/roto

Special Thanks

Loni Peristere
Dmirti Gueer
Jason Monroe
David Funston
Jon Massey
Jake Bergman
Jerome Knight
An Dang
Chris Barsamian
Anna Chang
Caleb Pennypacker
Kilo Akuna
Brooke Brigham
Vince Argentine
Caitlin Schneiderhan
Jon Edwards

and everyone at Zoic Studios


Read more about the film’s premiere here – and if you like the video, share it!


Date: FEBRUARY 2013 Client: ZOIC STUDIOS Skills: Directing, Writing Website: